There is a deciding phase in the life of a homosexual.
This is the period from the discovery of their personal condition to full acceptance of their homosexuality.
The length of time that this takes is different for every person.

The deciding questions in this period are:

Coming Out Pic 11How do I feel about my sexuality?
Am I homosexual, lesbian or bisexual?
How do I respond to my feelings for the same sex?
How can I learn to cope with my feelings?
How will my friends and acquaintances react?
How will I tell my parents, siblings and relatives?
How will my boss and work colleagues react?
Will I be able to show myself, hand in hand with my partner in public?

Coming Out Pic 4Coming out means satisfying yourself, recognizing your tendencies, strengths and weaknesses and using them to your advantage.
The step from hiding, to openly admitting that I am gay lesbian or bisexual is the biggest hurdle. Nevertheless, it can become one of the most rewarding part of your life. As you progress with small, but ever increasing steps, you will be met by feelings of relief and satisfaction.

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