Interview with Spain Newcomer Fraag Malas

Fraag Malas is 19 years old and his Videos on Youtube are watched by more than 3.000.000 users.

Fraag Malas - Ella Me Pone

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Malas was born on January 6th in 1994 at Aachen, Germany and live in Mallorca, where he has a big fanbase on Twitter. Fraag started his carrer on loading up Videos on Youtube, like the most young newcomers. The 19 year old describes his music as a mixture between Dance and Latin.

With his first Single “Ella Me Pone”, produced by DJ Sammy, he started his work with Roster Music.

GOTS: In spanish Newspaper you already named with artist, like Bruno Mars. How does it feel, to be famous?
Fraag: It feels normal, I just live my dream
GOTS: What all fans want to know is, if you´r in a relationship or not?
Fraag: I can´t talk about that 🙂 but no!
GOTS: You´r a also good looking guy, so all the girls and gay boys will screaming during your concerts. Is it possible for you do a relationship with a fan?
Fraag: Who knows HaHa
GOTS: It´s late an we don´t want to steal the gorgeous sapling his deep sound sleep. We hope, that the handsome young man will choose the right partner. We wish him only the best for his future and hope we’ll go for a common interview soon.

TWITTER : @officialfraag


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